The name "Old Trusty" was hatched in 1901 as M.M. Johnson of Clay Center, NE was searching for an appropriate trademark for his newly designed incubator. Johnson contended that "a new incubator, or one with radical changes, should have a different name, even if it was made by the same old company." Following the success of the "SureHatch Incubator" in 1898 and Johnson's subsequent sell-out to business partners in 1901, several hundred incubators were sold under the trademark "Johnson's Best". Johnson however found the name "flavored of braggadocio" and enlisted family and friends to help him select a more suitable name for the new and improved incubator. Several names were discussed but none proved satisfactory. Johnson's wife believed that "the name would answer every purpose if they could get people to look at what the incubator did instead of the name." About that time in the discussion, the Johnson's Great Dane dog TRUSTY, "came around the corner with a wag of the tail". Mrs. Johnson's face glowed as she proclaimed, "let's call the incubator OLD TRUSTY! We have an incubator that stands on its record and the name OLD TRUSTY is appropriate."

  What is an Incubator?

An Incubator is used to keep eggs (usually chicken) warm and safe for 21 days.  After the incubation (growing) period the eggs begin to hatch....cute little babies escape the egg shell much like caterpillars emerge from their cocoon  to become butterflies.